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Warrior 2 Warrior B

Be a Hero In: Warrior II – Virabhadrasana II

Warrior II is such an important and frequent asana (pose) - enjoyed in its own right as a strength and heat building standing hip opener, and very commonly used as a transitional asana between standing asanas, it can be enjoyed before a vinyasa. Warrior II is...

Holly Yoga Hero 3rd Birthday

Yoga Hero 3rd Birthday- A few words by Chris

Hello! Chris here (Doug's owner!) I just wanted to write a few words about Yoga Hero, turning 3 and Holly in general. As many of you are aware and some of you not so much, Yoga Hero has gone from strength to strength over the last 3 years....

Pay As You Feel Yoga Leeds

Pay As You Feel Yoga – How does it work?

Pay As You Feel Yoga Earlier in the year, we introduced Pay As You Feel Yoga - a way to help newly qualified yoga instructors get experience teaching yoga, and another way to help more people do more yoga, more often. The Pay As You Feel Yoga...

Dynamic Hatha Yoga Leeds

Yoga Immersion 101

"What's a Yoga Immersion?" I had the great pleasure of hanging out at Pizza Express with some of the Yoga Hero tribe after class on Tuesday. Four yoginis sharing their stories over pizza and chamomile tea. There was some big news around the table and the...

Feel Alive 25 Yoga Challenge

Feel Alive 25: Join Yoga Hero’s Yoga Challenge

Yoga Hero's Yoga Challenge After the success of our yoga challenge 'Feel Alive 25' in October last year, we're delighted to be launching the challenge again, throughout March, yey! So what is Feel Alive 25? Attend 25 classes or workshops in March to be in with a...

World Yoga Day 21stFebruary

WORLD YOGA DAY: 21st February

Sunday 21st February is World Yoga Day: so the perfect opportunity to go back to basics, learn more about yoga; the origins and the benefits - both physical and mental! To celebrate World Yoga Day, we have yoga classes and yoga workshops for you to indulge...