Six tips for waking up getting up earlier

Six Tips for Waking Up Earlier – For Morning Yoga

One of the things that I get asked the most is for tips and advice about how to get up earlier in the morning. I am sooooo not a natural early riser, but I lead or attend morning yoga classes nearly every day, so I’ve had to become an early riser. It’s not been easy, but it’s definitely doable!

Six tips for waking up getting up earlier


Most of the times that I’m asked for tips on getting out of bed earlier, it’s because the ask-er wants to come to morning yoga, so this post is with that in mind. However, you might want to get up earlier to meditate, to get in to work earlier, to do some self-practice, to make a packed lunch… Whatever it is, these tips should help.

Here’s my 6 top tips to getting out of bed earlier:


1) Get prepared

For me, this means getting my bag ready, with everything I need in it, including water bottle, purse, keys etc etc, so that I don’t have to even think about it with my foggy head. I can just pick it up and run out of the door. Getting prepared also includes getting my yoga clothes out the night before. I’d recommend preparing all your clothes; underwear, socks, shoes by the door. Etc.

Basically this step means that you can roll out of bed, straight into the shower and straight into your clothes without having to put your brain in gear. This particular step for me is the differerence between a stress-free morning of joy, and a nightmare morning running around like a headless chicken being late for everything, despite it not even being 7:00am.


2) Treat yourself

I’m a big advocate of treating yourself. I don’t think we do it enough. I think we beat ourselves up a lot about not doing a, b or c, and doing too much of x, y and booze. Being lovely to yourself is important, so treat yourself for your early morning. Whether it’s fresh coffee, a herbal tea, a morning yoga class (more on this in a mo), an extra long shower; knowing that your anticipated treat is in store will be just what you need to get up that bit earlier.


3) Buddy up

Make a pinky promise with your yoga buddy to meet them at morning yoga, or go for a morning walk, or swim etc, and you’re not likely to want to let them down.


4) Get some good sleeping

It’s not rocket science… Getting some good sleeping will make getting up earlier *much* easier. Want to sleep better, read our blog post on Top Tips for Maximum Zzzzzz


5) Put your alarm clock out of reach

If you have to get out of bed to turn it off; you’re out of bed! Bingo!


6) Do some morning yoga

It will make you feel amazing, you’ll be on top form all day, you’ll be completely grateful that you got up a bit earlier and, to boot, you’ll be able to enjoy your treat(s)!

What are your tips and tricks for waking up earlier? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Holly