Yoga Hero: All of Yoga Podcast – Episode 3

3: What is yoga?

What is yoga? Is yoga working towards a handstand, or towards splits? Is yoga holding hands, chanting with eyes closed while incense burns? Is yoga for bendy people?

Let’s find out!

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What is yoga? Is it working towards a handstand, or towards splits? Is yoga holding hands, chanting with eyes closed while incense burns? Or is it for bendy people?

Yes and no…

Yes, yoga is working towards handstand, or headstand, or splits, or touching your toes, because yoga is practice – dedicated practice towards self-improvement.

Yes, yoga is holding hands, chanting with incense burning because it’s connection, it’s seeing ourselves in others and seeing the best in others, and yoga is sound and focusing on  that sounds so our worries disappear even just for a moment.

And yes yoga is for bendy people, but it’s not JUST for bendy people, is for everyone, and here’s why.

Yoga is a practice – we know that.

But yoga is also a state.

It’s the state where our thoughts have paused, where our thoughts have stopped. I’m really boiling that down but I really see no reason to overcomplicate things. If you can understand, can appreciate, can be inspired by the concept that there is a very real possibility that with the practice of yoga, we can experience the state of yoga, where thoughts have paused, that could be the inspiration that you need, or someone needs, to start or re-start, or keep on with, the practice.

I’m not saying that it’s easy, and I’m saying it’s just around the corner, but I promise, promise promise promise, that it is possible.

So, it’s is the practice of working towards a clear mind, and it’s the state of having a clear mind.

If you’d like to dive in deeper to this, and we’d love you to, we have an on-demand workshop covering ‘What is Yoga’ which explains the breadth of this incredible practice, and how you can do yoga without ever even unrolling a mat, without ever touching your toes. and if use the code WHATISYOGAWITHYOGAHERO you’ll get 25% off lifetime access to that workshop.

Which is good because really this is a lifetime long practice so you might want to revisit it more than once!

So heroes, there we go. Yoga is the practice, and the state. The state of no thoughts. It’s maybe far away, but it is possible.

Thank you so much for listening, and stay tuned for more all of yoga goodness including more about the thoughts, which is pretty life-changing stuff if you ask me.

Thanks again, and happy practising!

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