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STUDIO | Yin by Candlelight

5th February 2023 @ 19:00 - 20:30


STUDIO | Yin by Candlelight


As you approach the start of a new week, worry about the days ahead can begin to seep into your weekend, leaving you feeling stressed before Monday has even arrived! So instead, join us for this Sunday reset; 90 minutes of gentle yin yoga to help you wash away the stresses of the last seven days, and allow yourself to transition into the new week with a nourished and fresh perspective.


Any and all experiences we face can cause tightness, tension and resistance, and our body really does hold the score. We often focus solely on our mental and emotional challenges, or physical symptoms that are causing us pain or discomfort in isolation, without addressing how everything is connected. Yin allows us time to take in the whole picture, and to observe how our mental and emotional reactions can cause physical problems, and vice versa. This incredible approach to healing is based on the principles of yoga and of traditional Chinese medicine; both of which look at healing from a holistic perspective; considering how all of our systems affect one another.


In this practice, we press pause on the fast pace of our lives, and take time to find what we truly need. Yin is predominantly a floor-based practice; using props to help us find supported stretches that are held for at least 3 minutes. By surrendering our muscles to the forces of gravity, we can begin to release tension that is stored in the intricate web of connective tissue that holds and supports our entire body. Not only will this practice create a feeling of space and expansion in our physical body, but we can also begin to release some of our stored emotion and suffering.


In this session, we will work to gently discover and release areas within our body that are holding any physical or emotional tension, and to leave feeling centered and ready to walk into the week with an open heart and mind. My intention is to use candlelight and an atmospheric playlist to create a warm, nourishing and safe space in which we can begin to explore the relationship between body and mind. Props are provided, but I do encourage you to bring any extra blankets or pillows, and plenty of layers to get snuggly!



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*  All are welcome to join. No experience is necessary, you just need an open mind!

*  Unsuitable for pregnancy






* £17.50

* Included in Yoga Hero Membership



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About Claire


Claire is a newly qualified teacher who is trained in both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over 5 years, and also works as a manager at Yoga Hero. Since immersing herself in the world of yoga, she has gained a practical toolkit to help gain more autonomy and power over her own state of being after having suffered with mental and female health problems for over a decade. She is now passionate about sharing the tools that have helped her on her healing journey. Her aim is to create and hold a safe space for anyone who needs it, particularly welcoming those who feel disempowered and lacking in confidence. Yoga sessions with Claire have a focus on nourishment, using slow and gentle movement and stillness to create an environment where the body and mind are calm and clear. Her teachings aim to empower people to discover their own autonomy, strength and confidence.


5th February 2023
19:00 - 20:30
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