Leeds Yoga and Wellness Festival 2018

Yoga Hero / Leeds Yoga and Wellness Festival 2018
Leeds Yoga Wellness Festival June 2018

Leeds Yoga and Wellness Festival 2018

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June, Leeds Dock

Leeds’ Yoga & Wellness Festival 2018
celebrates happiness, wellness and body positivity!

Now in its fourth year, Leeds Yoga and Wellness Festival 2018 is all about being happy, well and positive. Our Yoga Hero instructors, and some very special guests, will come together to make this a fun, educational weekend to remember, including body positive yoga workshops, movement workshops, mindfulness, some daft things, incredible food provided by North Star Coffee Shop and General Store, and a few wonderful surprises!

We can’t wait for LYWF 2018!

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or you’ve never been to a yoga class in your life.

Come join us!

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The Programme

Friday Evening

6:00 - 7:30pm

Respect Restore Relax

A very special workshop focussing on (you guessed it!) respect, restoration and relaxing.


The Energetic and Elemental Body

Yoga Hero Studio Leeds Mandala

Learn more about you: the energies and elements that make up you, wonderful you!

Self Massage

Learn more about you: the energies and elements that make up you, wonderful you!

Body Positive Pilates

This will be a fun, dynamic workout class, focusing on moving well and engaging deep, stabilising muscles.

Plant Based Pixie

Join the wonderful Plant Based Pixie wellness-myth-busting talk – this is not to be missed!

Discover Your Superpower

All heroes have superpowers… Discover yours in this very special, empowering workshop.

Mindful Eating Workshop

Learn  the benefits of eating mindfully, and how to do it.

The Little Things A Movement Workshop

Focus of the importance of the little movements to be, and feel, grounded and grateful.


Yin Yoga for Happiness

A beautiful Yin Yoga session focussing on cultivating happiness!

Sleep Improvement Workshop

Love Your Body Yoga Nidra is designed to help you feel grateful, at peace, and ready for a life of respect for your body.

Blindfolded Yoga

Yes! Yoga…. blindfolded! (It’s amazing).