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This podcast has been created to help yoga teachers teach yoga with passion, avoid burn out, and earn a fair living. 

Being a yoga teacher can be incredible, but it can also be mind-blowingly tough. This podcast is here to help you focus on sharing your passion and knowledge; giving you tools, knowledge and insight to be able to do this without having to live on the bread line. 

So, if you’re a yoga teacher; qualified or aspiring, this podcast is for you! 

Thanks for listening, we are so incredibly grateful. 

Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode list: 

Episode 1: Pricing strategies for your yoga offering

We break down why pricing is important to your business – which of course seems obvious – but we need to explore that to cover all bases and to get into the right mindset to be thinking about pricing. We also look at different methods / systems / techniques to set pricing for your yoga offering, that are informed and intelligent and finally, we cover what to do if your considered pricing strategy isn’t working; whether that’s because you’re working too much / you feel your attendance could be increased, or you’re just not feeling great about teaching yoga at the moment.

Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 1

Episode 2: Building confidence as a yoga teacher

Ever wondered how to build confidence as a yoga teacher? Well, that’s what this week’s podcast is all about!
It’s a bit of a tough one – to gain confidence we need experience, but to take the leap and get experience, we need confidence! Talk about chicken and egg!

Yoga Hero: Teachers Podcast – Episode 2

Episode 3: Productivity for a clear mind

Increasing efficiency and productivity is important for a number of reasons:

  • Helps you clear your mind
  • Gives you more time – for new projects, for the things you love, for the people you love
  • Reduces stress – which in turn – as we know, helps improve sleep and digestive function, immune function etc.

This episode is not about becoming more efficient so that you can just do more work. It’s to give you two things back which many of us are lacking these days: time and mental clarity.

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 4: Doing a regular review

In Podcast 3 we looked at Productivity for a Clear Mind, which covered the methodology created by David Allen in the book Getting Things Done. This podcast is a very practical podcast; covering how to conduct a regular review. David Allen calls it a weekly review, but I find that I rarely do it weekly; I’ll sometimes do it more often or less often, just depending on what’s going on. 

This podcast should be useful and follow-able even if you haven’t listened to Podcast 3, however, if you do have the time and opportunity, listening to Podcast 3 should make this even more useful. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 5: Finding your yogis

In this episode we look at why you would even want to find your yogis in the first place; why it benefits you and your yogis (once you’ve found them!), how to determine who your yogis are, how to reach and connect with them and what to do if you’ve done all that and you’re still struggling. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 5

Episode 6: Sharing your yoga

There are so many potential ways to share your yoga, this podcast will look at some of the obvious, and some of the not-so-obvious ways, we’ll look at the pros and cons, of each, and then we’ll look at how you choose where to focus your time and energy. 

By the end of the podcast, you’ll have a great idea of how to share your yoga in the best way or ways for you; so that you can teach with passion, avoid burn out, and earn a fair living. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 6

Episode 7: Teaching yoga as COVID-19 restrictions ease

This episode explores what could, and might, happen as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions start to lift in the UK, meaning that in-person classes can take place. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 7

Episode 8: Renting a space for yoga

In this episode, we look at everything you need to know, to think about, to consider, when renting a space to teach yoga. This advice stands when renting a space by the hour, or by the class, or renting a space exclusive, month in, month out.

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 8

Episode 9: Useful resources mini-series: Accounting, invoicing and banking

Including how to make a business decision as to whether to hire an accountant or not, useful resources to stay on top of your invoices, and banking resources too. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 9 

Episode 10: Useful resources mini-series: Promoting your yoga via social media

With promoting your yoga on social media, it can really feel like there’s always more to do, like other businesses have got a plan which they’re executing perfectly, while you’re drafting out a post with one hand while cooking dinner with the other, trying to make sure you’ve spelt everything right and wondering what hashtags you’re going to put with the caption… 

With that in mind, we’re looking at useful resources to help you save time and maximise your efficiencies when promoting your yoga on social media.

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 10

Episode 11: Useful resources mini-series: Manage your calendar

This podcast episode breaks down how to ensure you’re not taking on too much, but also how to also ensure you’re making the very best of the opportunities that come your way. We’ll look at not double booking, not running around like a headless chicken, not missing out on opportunities, practicalities to consider, ways you can have oversight of your current and upcoming work, and much more. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 11

Episode 12: Useful resources mini-series: Staying in touch with your yogis

In this episode, we’ll look at why you would want and need to stay in touch with your yogis, the different communication methods you could use, what to say, and what to bear in mind with each. And we’ll round up by looking at how you can evaluate which method or methods are right for you, and for you yogis, to make your efforts as efficient and useful as possible. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 12

Episode 13: Getting Ready for 2022!

In this episode, we’re getting organised, looking to January 2022 and how we can make the most of the January ‘New Year, New You’ chuff, without it being cheesy or slimy, or both.

Episode 14: Writing your perfect yoga bio

Having a yoga bio that’s perfect for you, that you can access and send where ever you are, means you’ll be clear about your yoga and clear about who you’d like to reach and teach. 

This episode looks at the structure, content and pitfalls of writing your yoga bio, and talks you through the process, step by step. So, grab a pen, and our workbook from yogahero.co.uk/podcast14 and let’s get cracking!

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 14

Episode 15: Introducing yoga philosophy in to your yoga asana classes

Introducing philosophy in to your asana classes can be overwhelming, how do you do it? When? Should you say the Sanskrit? What if you’re not confident pronouncing the Sanskrit? What if you can never remember the Sanskrit? What if you get emotional speaking about a concept that has changed your life? 

There are so many things that can potentially hold us back! ⁠

In this episode we look at some that are really common, and break them down, and in doing that, if you feel more confident to bring even a touch of philosophy in to your asana classes, well that is just brill!⁠

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 15

Episode 16: Do you need a new sequence each week? Plus – keeping sequencing fresh and staying inspired

In this episode, we look at the very very very common question: Do I need a new sequence each week? Plus, the reasoning behind creating new sequences, how you can be efficient and creative and resourceful with the sequences you already have and how to get inspiration for new sequences or to update your existing ones. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 16

Episode 17: A complete guide to sequencing yoga classes

This episode is a complete guide to sequencing yoga classes – to take you from not having a clue what you’ll teach, to knowing exactly what you’ll teach, how you’ll keep it flexible and respond to who’s in the room and how you can teach it again and again, keeping it fresh each time! 

This episode is accompanied by our free A Complete Guide to Sequencing Your Yoga Class workbook, which you can get from yogahero.co.uk/podcast17

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 17

Episode 18: Create your social media calendar

This episode is designed to be a one-stop-shop to create your considered and effective social media calendar, so that you can nail the best bits; the opportunities and the connection of social media, whilst avoiding the negative aspects; the comparison syndrome and the time drain.

We starting off by getting in the strategy mindset; what do you want, and need, to achieve from your social media?

Then, we look at options for how you’ll create your calendar. Now, we have created a free social media calendar template for you, which you are so very welcome to use – why not give it a go, it’s free after all! Get your free social media calendar template today!

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 18

Episode 19: Overcoming imposter syndrome as a yoga teacher

Do you find that you have endless passion to share yoga with people, you have so many ideas fuelled by the practice of yoga but you’re held back by self-doubt? You worry you have a lack of authority, a lack of knowledge, a lack of experience? You think ‘why would people want to come to my classes? Why would people want to learn this from me…?!’ 

This is imposter syndrome, and this podcast episode explores what imposter syndrome is, and how to overcome it – plus we have a 3 day Shatter Imposter Syndrome challenge which goes much more in to detail about what imposter syndrome is, how it can affect you, big things and little things that you can do in your life, and your teaching to beat the imposter syndrome. To join this Shatter Imposter Syndrome challenge, simply go to yogahero.co.uk/shatter

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 19

Episode 20: The joys of being a yoga teacher

Being a yoga teacher is by no means an easy job, but it really can be one of THE most rewarding, warming, amazing jobs out there.  Over the last 19 episodes we’ve broken down how to tweak, amend and improve aspects of your yoga teaching, and running your yoga teaching business…. but to celebrate our 20th episode, we wanted to focus on the joys of being a yoga teacher.

Episode 21: Tips for teaching yoga beginners

Teaching yoga beginners fills even many experienced yoga teachers with dread! You want to keep the class flowing for the non-beginners, you want to make sure everyone is safe, you want to make sure no one feels stupid by not understanding something… Meanwhile you’re doing all your normal teaching stuff like making sure the music isn’t too loud, getting your rights and lefts bang on, remembering what’s next in your sequence, and so on

In this episode, we’ll cover some tips and tricks to bear in mind to keep you focused and keep your beginners safe. 

Yoga Hero Teachers: Podcast – Episode 21

Episode 22: Yoga adjustments – some important considerations

We’re highlighting some important considerations when you’re deciding whether to offer a physical adjustment or not. 
Adjustments have been chronically abused in the past. So now, when talking about adjustments we have to start the discussion with consent. (Which should have always been the way.)

So, in this episode we’ll start – at the beginning – with consent. Then we’ll look at:

  • Some different reasons behind offering adjustment 
  • Identifying the intention behind your adjustment 
  • How to get feedback
  • Building your confidence with adjustments

Yoga Hero Teachers Podcast – Episode 22

Episode 23: Define who you are as a yoga teacher

There are so many yoga teachers around these days – and for the record we think that’s a good thing, more yoga teachers is more people to share the joys and benefits of yoga! But it does mean, for want of a better word, that there’s more competition. The best, or maybe, the only way to differentiate yourself from the masses is to be yourself. To know who you are, who you want to teach. To have this defined, so it’s crystal clear to you how you talk about your classes, workshops and courses. Who you aim your offerings at. To know what trainings to do, to deepen you knowledge, and what to leave to one side.

This podcast episode is designed to help you define who you are as a yoga teacher. So grab a pen and your free workbook and get ready to define who you are as a yoga teacher. This is a huge, and very very important step in your teaching career, it’s exciting!

Yoga Hero Teachers Podcast – Episode 23

Episode 24: Tips for new yoga teachers

A little while ago, on our Yoga Hero Teachers Instagram account, we asked yoga teachers what tips they wish they’d known when starting out teaching… This episode is a combination of those responses, plus the questions and advice we get asked most regularly.

This episode is primarily aimed at new yoga teachers, but there’s bound to be some inspiration and food for thought, for experienced yoga teachers too – we all know that going back to basics and having a beginner’s mind is a really important part of crafting your teaching!

Episode 25: Do I need a yoga brand?

Over the next few episodes, we’re taking the guesswork out of where to place your valuable resources of time, energy and mental bandwidth and helping you to decide where to focus, who to work with and what to prioritise. 

And we’re starting with the bazillion dollar question – Do I need a yoga brand?

Episode 26: How would you teach yoga if you weren’t afraid?

What will people think? What if people hate it? What if they think I’m full of myself? What if they know more than I do? Does this sound familiar…?!

In 2020 we first held our Shatter Imposter Syndrome challenge, which, hundreds of yoga teachers have gone on to complete. Confidence, in the yoga teaching world seems to be something that so, so many of us struggle with. This podcast episode is about allowing yourself to think, to daydream, to imagine what you would teach, and how you would teach, if you had absolutely no fear. If you had absolutely no reservations about what others would think, or about your own ability. In our course ‘The clear and confident yoga teacher’, we go even deeper than this, naming fears and embracing them, and learning how to put them to one side working towards the goal of teaching with unshakeable self-belief. But more on that later.

If you’ve been held back by self-doubt, you really aren’t alone. But here’s some tips to put self-doubt, reservations, concerns and anxieties to one side, to help you be the teacher you dreamed of being.

Episode 27: Setting up your own yoga classes as a yoga teacher

Setting up your own yoga classes can be completely daunting, where on earth do you start? What if people don’t come? What if you invest in yoga mats and rent a space and it’s…. tumbleweed?

There are some simple and sensible steps you can take to set up your own yoga classes, without taking huge risks and without giving yourself absolutely loads of work to do.

Episode 28: What’s your WHY as a yoga teacher

What is your why? If someone was to ask you – why are you a yoga teacher? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What’s your motivation when things get tough? Would you be able to answer them – without thinking – in a way that’s completely true to you?

Well, this podcast episode is short and sweet, and is created to help you define your why, so that you can be and stay focused, motivated and passionate.

Episode 29: How to layer your asana classes with yoga philosophy

You’re a yoga teacher because yoga has improved your life – possibly immeasurably – and you have a desire, a need, to share that with others.

Whilst asana is a hugely important part of yoga, it’s not the full story, and as such, as yoga teachers, sharing the full story; the roots and the history of yoga, is probably part of the job. But it’s not necessarily a part of the job that comes easily, that’s covered in yoga teacher trainings, that’s even accessible…

Well, this podcast episode aims to change that. It’s full of practical tips to layer your asana classes with yoga philosophy, to weave in themes and wisdom without having to be fluent in Sanskrit, without having to be completely knowledgeable about the entire history of yoga. Basically, we’re aiming to take the reservations and fears out of sharing the fullness of what yoga is, whilst also deeply respecting yoga and all its roots.

Episode 30: How to create your yoga brand

This episode is a complete guide to how to create yoga yoga brand. We’ll be looking everything that you need to know to create your your brand, including why you need one in the first place, how it helps you with every aspect of being a yoga teacher – because I really do truly believe that it does – and how it helps to boost your confidence as a yoga teacher. 

Episode 31: How much to charge for your yoga classes

You’ve worked so hard to get your yoga teacher training certification. You’ve built up a following, got experience, even built up some confidence, and now feels like the perfect time to start teaching your own classes!
It’s so exciting! You’ve got some mats, the space that you’ve found is perfect and you can’t wait… but… oh wait. People are asking how much your classes will be. And you just don’t know where to start…

Does that sound familiar?

If so – do not worry! By the end of this episode you’ll have a foolproof plan of action to set your prices for your yoga classes.

Episode 32: How to teach yoga workshops

Yoga workshops are almost limitless in terms of their potential for you as a yoga teacher, and for your yogis, as well. Yoga workshops offer an incredible opportunity for yoga teachers to dive deeper into specific themes, techniques, or aspects of yoga practice. Whether you’re a seasoned yoga instructor or just starting to explore the world of workshops, this complete guide will walk you through the process of planning and executing engaging and transformative yoga workshops that leave a lasting impact on your participants.

Episode 33: Balancing Parenting and Teaching Yoga

This episode is about balancing being a parent, and being a yoga teacher.

Expect some food for thought about how you can manage and balance your unique set of circumstances, some tools and tricks and tips for balancing the demands of being a parent and a yoga teacher, and how to look after yourself in amongst all of this: how to prioritise, how to know when things are hitting the fan, and we’ll finish up some tools to ease the parent guilt.

Episode 34: Balancing having a job and teaching yoga

This episode is focusing on balancing having a job and teaching yoga. Including being really honest about what happens if and when these conflict, mindfully switching roles (I talked about the importance of this last week in episode 33: balancing parenting and teaching yoga), making sure that there is actually enough time for everything that you want to do, and what yoga philosophy says to help us prioritise.

Your job demands a lot of you. Teaching yoga demands a lot of you. You’re not on your own, yoga teacher. This episode is designed to help you prioritise the elements and roles of your life in a way that will make you feel great. Oh and there’s a little side helping of harsh truth too (sorry).

Episode 35: How to become a full-time yoga teacher

This episode is all about how to become a full time yoga teacher, including a step-by-step process, starting with a quick look at whether it’s right for you.

Episode 36: How I became a full-time yoga teacher

This episode is a bit different; it’s our first ever bonus episode, and it’s about my journey to becoming a full time yoga teacher.

Episode 37: Yoga Nidra: The art of sleeping to wake up

This episode is about the power of Yoga Nidra.

We’ll start off with an introduction to Yoga Nidra, before looking at Yoga Nidra’s relationship to yoga philosophy. We’ll then dive in to the understanding Yoga Nidra’s impact on the brain wave states, and we’ll finish with a summary of the benefits in the context of everything that we’ve just learned.

Episode 38: A Yoga Nidra for yoga teachers

This episode is a very special episode – it’s a Yoga Nidra for yoga teachers.

But this is a yoga nidra with a difference. This special Yoga Nidra is designed to help you learn about Yoga Nidra whilst practising Yoga Nidra! You might – hopefully you will – be so relaxed that you feel like you’re not consciously taking the information in; like you’re not paying attention.

But trust us, you will be.

Trust that, the more you relax and let go, the more impactful the Yoga Nidra will be and the more you’ll learn all about it; for you, and for your yogis.

Episode 39: How to develop a consistent Yoga Nidra practice (even with a busy life)

There’s so many things that we want to do as yoga teachers; including keep a steady practice going for ourselves and add to our knowledge and ability to keep our offerings absolutely great for our yogis (and all our other roles and responsibilities too!)…

This episode addresses the barriers to setting up and executing a regular Yoga Nidra practice, and – spoiler alert – it’s basically a repeating reminder to be kind to yourself. To refine that balance of the discipline, the tapas of setting goals and sticking to them, whilst layering in an understanding that life is busy, so how can we work with the busy in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Episode 40: The business of teaching Yoga Nidra

This episode is essentially the epitome of this whole podcast: When we boil it down, it’s teaching what you love and making a fair living from that. Teaching yoga should pay your rent, it should put food on the table, it should pay all the bills and leave a little left over for a buffer or a rainy day or savings…  This episode breaks down the ways that you can bring Yoga Nidra in to your offerings and your teachings to benefit you and your yogis.

We’ll be looking at different ways to share and charge for Yoga Nidra, how much to charge for Yoga Nidra and some general inspiration too.

Episode 41: Should yoga teachers use Sanskrit?

This episode is exploring the answer, your answer, to a question that’s probably asked in every single teacher training around the world: Should yoga teachers use Sanskrit?

We’ll look at some reasons for using Sanskrit, and some concerns around using Sanskrit, and then a few questions to help you make your own mind up.

Essentially – it’s an ongoing balancing act of acknowledging and representing the roots and the depths of yoga; but balancing that with making sure that you are teaching safely at all times.

Episode 42: Should yoga teachers demo while teaching?

This episode is exploring the answer, your individual answer, to the question: Should yoga teachers demo while teaching?

We’ll look at some reasons to demo, some reasons not to demo, and a few things to bear in mind overall.

Episode 43: Should yoga teachers care about money?

One of the things that is endlessly frustrating about teaching yoga is:

‘Yoga is so beneficial, it should be accessible to absolutely everyone’ Vs ‘Don’t teach for free! You’ll undervalue yoga!’

Is there another industry, or another career, where one person will come across the same conflict of ‘charge more!’ and ‘charge less!’ time and time again?

This episode  explores the question: Should yoga teachers care about money?